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The L.A. Times Should Release the Khalidi Tape

That was what I wrote roughly two years ago. I also wrote a polite request for the Los Angeles Times to release the tape in the public interest. Not surprisingly, there was no reply, public or private, although I have written for the paper on several occasions (full disclosure: not recently).

Meanwhile, Passovers have come and gone and Barack Obama is running for a second term, making the usual play for the usually reliable Jewish vote, courting AIPAC and so forth, telling people what they want to hear.

But is that what he really thinks and how he will act in the moments of crisis almost certainly ahead?

Because of Iran, the relationship between the U.S. and Israel is more than ever a life or death matter – and a lynch pin in the global struggle for Western civilization.

Is too much to ask the Los Angeles Times – the hometown paper of the city with the fourth largest Jewish population in the word – bigger even than Jerusalem – finally release the Khalidi tapes for Passover 2012?

I am skeptical that they would have the courage but I will force myself to remain hopeful.