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Benghazi's Back — Sort Of

Okay, so now we know -- hardly anything.

The elephant is still very much in the room. Who told Susan Rice to lie about these events and why did they do it? And why did the president lie about Benghazi subsequently to everyone from the United Nations General Assembly to David Letterman, assuming you think he told the truth about it at his initial press conference on the subject in the first place, which I certainly don’t?

Perhaps Candy Crowley will do some in-depth investigation and find this out for us. Well, we all know she won’t, but somebody should. Who that will be is also unclear, given the current state of investigative reporting in our country and the current intellectual and moral level of our Congress.

The administration also has on its side that the world -- not to mention most of their media lackeys -- wants to move on from this. Benghazi is yesterday’s scandal. Didn’t Obama win the election? We have the fiscal cliff to deal with. And gun control. And who knows what else? Maybe condoms. That's never been resolved.

Admittedly, Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham have shown a certain amount of life on this issue. Will they have the energy and courage to continue? It’s hard to believe it with the pace of (often deliberate) distraction coming out of the Washington press corps and the White House. That the president lied about a major homicidal event in the War on Terror is no big deal. He didn't fiddle with an intern, did he?

Someone out there must know some of the truth, some CIA whistle-blower who normally leaks to the New York Times or the Washington Post, but they're not listening this time. Deep Throat, where are you?

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