'The Last of the Just' in Belgium

It’s yet more disturbing than the famous Edmund Burke quote: "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." What we are witnessing is a societal illness as severe as The Plague itself that has infected Europe and has already crossed the Atlantic. It began years ago with Gramsci and then the rise of multi-culturalism and is reaching a kind of apotheosis in our times.

While these people blithely nod their assent…

The Muslim Brotherhood has taken over Egypt, just as Khomeinism took over Iran. Turkey has gone quasi-Islamist. Hamas dictates to the Palestinians. Hezbollah probably has more missiles than all the European nations combined. Islamists run rampant across Africa from Mali to the Sudan and down through Nigeria. Who knows what’s happening in Syria? Will it be a tyranny of fascists or a tyranny of Islamic fascists? We all know now -- despite our government’s Benghazi lies -- how that turned out for Libya.

And Europe, dear Europe, stands by, waiting for the Gates of Vienna to be reopened, even kicking them open a little bit themselves. The United States, once a bastion of freedom, is no better.

I don’t know if I believe in the legend of the Lamed Vav, but these days I certainly want to. My only worry is the thirty-six just men will not be enough. The way things are going we may need thirty-six hundred or thirty-six thousand or thirty-six million or…?