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Will the GOP Let the MSM Back for the Primary Debates of 2016?

Don’t bother with Twitter. That’s just new-media grandstanding. No matter what happens, there will be twelve skillion Twitter questions out there, almost all of them repeats. Someone will have to pick and choose between them, making that person effectively the questioner.

I’ll make it simple. I nominate me for that job. Don’t like that? Well, forget Twitter. As I said, it’s a phony.

Another thing to ignore is “town halls.” They’re even phonier. Whoever heard of a town hall in a country of over three hundred million?

And don’t forget the obvious:

The presidency is not a debating contest and the president should not necessarily be a great or even the best debater. Lincoln and Douglas were a bit before my time, so I will assume they had special skills, but I can’t think of one presidential candidate or president of either party in my lifetime who was an exceptional debater. If that’s what you’re looking for in a president, elect Alan Dershowitz or the late Johnnie Cochran. Those guys would probably run rings around any president since Roosevelt in a Lincoln-Douglas mano-a-mano.

But whatever methodology is chosen, the time to move on it is now. Wait very long and, just like nature abhorring a vacuum, the Candy Crowleys and Brian Williamses will once more take what they believe to be their God or Goddess given roles as the arbiters of our political fate.

If the Republicans allow that to happen again, they are not just the Stupid Party. They are the Lobotomized Party.

So let's light a fire under the often lethargic Republican leadership. Start getting this sorted out now. And, please, leave your suggestions in the comments. (Of course, this all refers to the primary debates. Next we'll have to figure out how to deal with general election debates -- a yet dicier problem.)

[Dept. of Self-Promotion: After some technical glitches, THE PARTY LINE, a play by Sheryl Longin & me about Walter Duranty, among others, is now up in print and Kindle form on Amazon. Have a look.]