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The Real Housewives of Centcom or Who Should Solve Benghazi?

Perhaps if Obama and Holder were themselves caught playing around (separately or together) it would finally get the attention of the mainstream media but, as we recall, it took them months, or was it years, to report, let alone investigate, the execrable activities of one John Edwards, vice-presidential and presidential candidate.

Which leads me to a modest proposal. The people who should be put in charge of unraveling Benghazigate are -- ta-dum -- the folks at the National Enquirer. They know the terrain, have a much better record for ferreting out the truth than the MSM and are far more courageous, willing to go anywhere (The Beverly Hilton men’s room) and do anything to get the answers.

For it is answers we need and are not getting. At this point we must depend on Dianne Feinstein, a woman whose devotion to democracy and the two-party system was so great she wouldn’t even debate her opponent in this month’s election. A lifetime liberal, will she be unbiased enough to look beyond the sex farce to the reality behind the “reality show”? Well, she is seventy-nine and if not now, when?

Still. I’m not betting on it. Perhaps if Jennifer Griffin at Fox pulls out some more information, maybe she’ll be forced into it. But if not, I’m going with the National Enquirer. They’re just the people to cut through the “fog of war.”