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Hating Breitbart, Race, and Election 2012

I didn’t vote for Barack Obama in 2008 -- I didn’t like what I knew of his policies and was suspicious of his rhetoric -- but I admit his election brought tears to my eyes. As a former sixties civil rights worker, and simply as an American, I hoped that his election would put to rest centuries of racial strife, that we could all now just move on.

Boy, was I wrong. The reverse occurred -- and not just because of such missteps as the Henry Louis Gates affair when Obama rushed to judgment of the Cambridge police.

Much larger issues were at play. With an economy in freefall and the African-American population suffering most of all with an official unemployment rate now at 14.3% -- who knows what the real rate is, the listed unemployment rate for black teens is a stunning 40.5% -- distractions had to be created.

Obama clearly has not been good for his own people. (Well, in his case his people may actually be aging Hawaiian hippies, who would more naturally be Gary Johnson supporters.)

But the truth of the matter is that the Democratic Party never was good for black people. Their Keynesian programs -- actually more like old-fashioned patronage -- have never worked. By isolating blacks, they encouraged a form of self-limiting segregation. Integration -- what we fought for in the sixties -- was abjured because it would end racial voting blocks.

So the Democratic Party must fan the flames of racism to succeed. It literally depends on racism for its existence. The race-baiting Al Sharptons and Maxine Waters of the world are not anomalous. They are the lynchpins of a reactionary system, hypnotizing their own people through unending self-destructive resentment.

Obama -- who did nothing to alleviate this or even paid much attention to it -- received 98% of the black vote in 2008 and is about to do as well, or nearly, in 2012. Can you imagine the media reaction if whites came out for Romney in anywhere near that unanimity?

The Democratic Party is the true enemy of black people. It’s all dreadfully sad, sadder even than John Lewis playing along with those bogus accusations of racism at the Tea Party rally.

Andrew Breitbart played court jester to this depressing roundelay. Through his energy, we were able to see a way out. He rallied us and chided us when we slipped. I miss him.

Thanks, Andrew Marcus, for the memories. Let's go out and win this one for Andrew.

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