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Benghazi: The Democratic Party Will Be Lucky if Obama Loses

Even to someone like me who never much liked Barack Obama, it's hard to believe he would do such a thing. But he did. And, pathetic as they are, some of the reasons for the prevarication are painfully obvious, like trying to convince the public that al-Qaeda was on the run when, if anything, the reverse was true. Al-Qaeda and its myriad clones were making inroads across the region. AQ, after all, was an outgrowth of the Muslim Brotherhood, which now controls Egypt and, soon enough, possibly Syria.

But it all came down to election-year politics over the graves of dead Americans. This will come back to haunt Obama in a manner no one can fully foresee but cannot be good. In an election he cannot win except by a narrow margin, Obama will have no real mandate to govern or to push a program. (He doesn't have one anyway, even if he had a mandate.) He will be president again by default. There will be a vacuum and, as we all know, nature abhors a vacuum. It will soon be filled. In fact, it's being filled now.