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If You Believe in this Country, Send a Check to Ty Woods' Family

Heaven help us if this moral reprobate is reelected. We will have to learn entirely new ways of defending ourselves and of defending our culture and our freedom. I never thought in my lifetime I would live as the member of some kind of "resistance" (speaking of the French), but that could come, or some non-violent form of it, if results are negative on November 6.

Until then, it is our task to fight. Mitt Romney (probably correctly) elected not to ride the Benghazi issue in the foreign policy debate. But that same event -- and the consequent incredible level of deception it engendered -- has taught us that "it can happen here."

Most Americans of my generation never thought that. I know I didn't.  I never thought this country would turn its back on its own people, that it would evolve into an Orwellian bureaucratic state, but that is where it is headed if we continue to let our officials lie on the level they have with Benghazi.

But since "it can happen here," it is all the more incumbent on us to resist. As we send our small checks to Ty Woods' family, we should simultaneously redouble our efforts. The greatest memorial to those who died in Benghazi would be to elect a new administration. And telling the story of Benghazi, digging deeper into the inconsistencies and explaining them to your fellow citizens, to those who are of good heart but perhaps not as interested in current affairs as you, can make a difference in the few short weeks that come.

UPDATE from, commenter John below (thank you, sir):


Glen Doherty is the other SEAL who died that evening. He also has a foundation set-up in his honor.


By all accounts he was a great man and the deeds they eventually died performing will be legend when the truth finally outs. True American patriots living life large in their own way.


This link is only one of many over on SOFREP. Well worth the listen