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Mon Dieu! Actual Romney Supporters in France?

We are going to vote Romney because the Republicans ask the right questions and propose good solutions. Mitt Romney well understands that the economy is the principal failure of Barack Obama. In choosing Paul Ryan for vice president, he has committed to the free-market way that permits a return to the America of the 1980s: fewer taxes and more personal responsibility. Mitt Romney seems to have retained Ronald Reagan's maxim: "The State is not the solution, it is the problem." America, and more so the free world, needs an American president with a grasp of the issues, not a prompter reader who loses his aptitude when he is deprived of his prompter. Mitt Romney has proven by his experiences that he knew how to manage public funds, whether in Massachusetts or while organizing the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Games. To vote Romney-Ryan is to open the way for a western renewal. Beyond their economic growth program, the Romney-Ryan ticket -- the "Centrist" and the Catholic free market -- incarnates the fundamental values upon which the United States was founded and has prospered.

In the unstable period where guiding lights seem to be missing, the vigor of the Romney-Ryan ticket could equally indicate the voice to follow to a West without a compass. Faced with the Obama charm, masking his vacuity and his incompetence, it is necessary that the Republican candidate prevail in the election. France and Europe need a strong and prosperous America to confront the challenges of a new world, whether they are economic or geopolitical. To hope to see France inspire herself by the clear and healthy ideas extolled by the Romney-Ryan ticket is probably a utopia, while one observes that all political leaders in French politics wish for an Obama victory.