'Binder Derangement Syndrome': How the Democratic Party Exploits Women

Both sides also erroneously assume that the state could do a good or even decent job of legislating private morality. It never has and it never will. Abortions will still occur no matter what happens to Roe v. Wade, and gay marriages (or their equivalent) have existed all over America for decades, probably more than that, and are not about to disappear.

The solution of course is to leave these issues, again as much as possible, in the hands of voluntary private institutions -- churches, synagogues, community groups, societies of atheists, deists, or whatever.

Meanwhile, in the real world, the number of abortions is going down, reflecting public disapproval as well as, I would imagine, more effective use of birth control. The family may be in trouble, but those worried about its decline would be much better served and be more successful promoting it through those same local religious and community-based organizations.

The Democratic Party will not and cannot let that happen. They need their version of values as a national wedge issue to hold onto that crucial woman’s vote. So look for them to seize on any bogus opportunity in this election season, as in the ginned-up “binders full of women” controversy from Tuesday night’s debate replete with its gonzo Twittersphere reaction.

Could anything have been more ridiculous?

What we are really witnessing here is the reverse of what it appears. It is a conscious/unconscious attempt to keep women down by Democrats, camouflaged as on attack on Republicans who, in Democratic eyes, regard women as 1950s Leave-It-To-Beaver homemakers all sitting in their laundry rooms waiting for the next sewing bee.

That’s again absurd to anyone familiar with the makeup of today’s Republican Party. But what these Democrats and so-called liberals really want to do is convince women they are oppressed so the poor, shivering females will vote for the Democratic Party.

Not surprisingly, these Dems convince themselves this is true in the process. It’s a form of self-hypnosis. Or as Pirandello famously wrote, “It is so if you think so.” This same attitude, and its consequent behaviors, becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, making matters worse and indeed oppressing women.

This is exactly the same vicious cycle the Dems use with blacks and Latinos, which has been truly reactionary and destructive to the people involved for decades. Little has improved in their communities from it. This strategy is a little more complex with women since they are so numerous and, as Mao reminded us, “they hold up half the sky”… And they would, maybe more than half, if the Democrats would only let them.