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Beyond the Bradley Effect: What's Really Happening in Election 2012

So back to those people who might be questioning their beliefs. What are they actually going to do in the voting booth? Human cowardice and habit being what they are, most will undoubtedly revert to type. But how many will quietly vote for Romney/Ryan?

A lot of talk has been bandied about over the so-called Bradley Effect, the theory that a number of California voters said they were going to vote for Tom Bradley -- the longtime Los Angeles mayor -- for governor of that state in a 1982 election because he was African-American, but really voted for his opponent who won.

This theory has been debunked and, frankly, I have no idea of its veracity. More importantly, however, I believe it is passé. Fewer than ever are interested in the color of Obama’s skin (well, maybe Al Sharpton and his claque) or -- for that matter -- in Mitt Romney’s religion. We have far, far more pressing issues in front of us at this moment.

For that reason, I think the number who vote for Romney/Ryan and then tell no one (at least in the short run) will be significant, so significant that this election may explode and be closer to a blowout than anyone, save a few, had expected.

We have, in essence, gone beyond the Bradley Effect, if that ever existed, to a Faux Ideology Effect (someone can think of a better term). Liberals can pretend to be liberals all they wish to friends, family, employers, and co-workers, but more and more of them will privately vote conservative. The country and the world hang in the balance. Time has long run out on liberal posturing. Thank Joe Biden for reminding us of that.

(Thumbnail image on PJM homepage by Shutterstock.com.)