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Dateline Tampa: Racists of the Mainstream Media

The left/liberal need to think Republicans and conservatives racists is more than just projection. At this point, it is nothing short of a mental illness. It is so far divorced from reality, it has to be pathological. No longer are these people able to observe reality with anything close to impartiality. We are not in the world of politics, ladies and gentlemen. We are in the world of Freud, Jung, Adler, and people bouncing off walls.

In his own bizarre way, David Chalian has become the poster boy for Election 2012. His story has gripped this convention because everyone knows he is not all that exceptional. That is what they think.

The executives at Yahoo, and ABC, where Chalian once worked, are obviously in damage-control mode. But they would be better advised to examine the culture (their culture) that allowed this to happen. What is most horrifying about Chalian's comment was that there was nothing surprising about it. If Yahoo, ABC and all the others actually consider themselves news organizations, it's time to take a serious and lengthy look in the mirror.

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