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Fear and Shame on the Campaign Trail #6 — Who'll Stop the Rain?

Here's another interesting thing that same insider told me. This intense security was not instituted by the RNC or by the Romney campaign, but by the federal government that has declared Tampa a national security area. In other words, Obama's people are in charge of the stringent security here. They instigated it. What do they fear?

I have two theories, not necessarily contradictory. One, they just want to make the Republicans look bad -- police-state types. Perhaps more importantly, the Obama folks don't want anything violent to happen because they know convention violence most often comes from the left (cf. Chicago 1968). Violent left-wing demonstrators at the Tampa Republican Convention would be bad news for the Democrats.

Whatever happens, tomorrow (when you will most likely be reading this) my PJM cohorts and I will be trudging down endless chain-link-fenced secure pathways past endless checkpoints in what promises to be drenching rain, if not a serious hurricane. Making matters again worse, this convention -- again unlike St. Paul -- has two separate venues, one for the speeches themselves (the Tampa Bay Times Forum) and the other for media filing, interviews, etc (the Tampa Convention Center). These two are located several football fields apart.

Isaac, please take it easy on us.

If not, take it away, John Fogerty....