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Fear and Shame on the Campaign Trail #3 — The Year of Living Jerkishly

O'Brien's tendentious defense of the president goes on from there, but I won't bore you with it except for this little quote that gives the game away re: Obama not following through on the Simpson-Bowles attempt to rein in the deficit: "Now, Obama did not push Congress to adopt Simpson-Bowles, but neither did Congress adopt it."

In other words, because Congress did not adopt Simpson-Bowles, the president is exonerated for not supporting it or any other concrete deficit plan. Obama -- who is supposed to be the leader of our country, hello! -- has done less than zero about the economic crisis we face, yet these MSM solons still want to protect him.

As I have written before, don't these people have children? Are they so addicted to the Democratic Party that they can't free their minds to see anything objectively (because an addiction is what it is)?

The sophisticates of the MSM are the true jerks in this Year of the Jerks. They will be the ones who will be responsible if Obama is reelected. It is absolutely not possible for him to do it by himself.

(He knows that -- and it accounts for his recent hissy-fit about media coverage.)

I have a suggestion for these wise men and women. If you want to "Do the Jerk," at least do it Smokey's way. It's a lot more fun and the country will be better for it.