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Remove the Media from the Debates

Despite their liberal backgrounds, the moderators will doubtless put on hats of impartiality. But they are only hats. You don't have to be Marshall McLuhan to know that on television messages are conveyed in other ways than words. Merely by being there as moderators, these biased liberals become the arbiters of truth. A symbolic judgement is passed. The gatekeepers have the "true" opinions. They "protect" us from "extremist" thought.

I don't have any idea why the tradition of allowing a biased media to run these events continues. It is a testament to the passivity of the Republican Party. We saw how it worked during the primary season. Now we are going to get a rerun during the main event, with more subtlety and ultimately more subversion.

But there is something we can do about it even at this late date: protest and protest loudly. In this manner, we highlight the bogus quality of the debates. Even if our candidates perform better than the opposition, continue the protest. They can talk about the economy. We can still protest the bias.

Demand the moderators be removed even if they are not. As Churchill told us, never, ever give up. Someone might even be listening. And that someone is the American people.