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Romney Goes to Israel and Dershowitz Flacks for Obama

It's worth noting too that Dershowitz has written his defense of Obama at a moment when, for the first time in memory, significant numbers of the Jewish community are beginning to desert the Democratic Party. (Even longtime Democrat and Middle East negotiator Dennis Ross appears to be withdrawing support for Obama. He, of all people, should know something.)

I hope the professor realizes that this is a good trend because, at a minimum, it is unhealthy for any religious or ethnic group to adhere slavishly to one political party. The near one hundred percent allegiance to the Democratic Party (and its policies) by African-Americans has been pretty close to a disaster for that minority. They have suffered most from the current economic situation, which Obama has done little or nothing to solve and probably exacerbated.

So why did Dershowitz publish this op-ed?  Why is the august professor suddenly acting like a political hack, a kind of low-rent Ivy League Deborah Wasserman-Schultz, flacking for the president at the exact moment the administration is unleashing various forms of "aid to Israel" in a patently obvious attempt to undermine Romney's trip?

Does Dershowitz care so much for the access available to him from being a loyal minion of Lord Barack that he is willing to ignore the obvious, that Obama is at best highly ambivalent about the Jewish state and that his reelection could lead to real problems for Israel?  Or is he one of those who justifies his behavior with the usually useless canard about "working within the system for change"?

It's hard to know.  But it's equally hard to take what he says very seriously until we have the answer, if then.