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Flaming the Flame: The Case of the Mysterious Cyberleaks

So Obama had nothing to do with establishing this program, though I imagine he could have deep-sixed it. But that might well have been leaked on its own accord, creating a huge embarrassment for the new president and damaging him with Jewish voters, among others. Best to leave alone.

No, something else is going on here. And it is yet more nefarious, perhaps as nefarious as the execrable leakers themselves. It comes at a moment when it seems the talks with Iranians have finally imploded. In a sense they were always a charade, but now even the pretense that something could be worked out with the Islamic regime is disappearing. Yet more meetings in other venues have been reduced to farce. No one is even paying lip service to them. Soon, even the New York Times will be too ashamed to recommend more negotiation.

What is left but the use of force?

Well, nothing, assuming you don't want the Iranians to have nuclear weapons. But that’s the problem. The liberal-left in our culture abhors the use of force. There must be an alternative and that is…

Cyberwar. It’s successful and it’s ongoing – at least according to the leakers and those in whose behalf they are leaking. They want us to believe that these high tech maneuvers are succeeding and will continue to succeed in keeping nukes out of the hands of the mullahs. They want us to rely on these means and not resort to violence.

Of course, this depends on the mullahs being nitwits. While that’s a tempting thought, I’m not so sure. I think even the average seventh grader would have battened down the cyber hatches by now, making the likelihood of someone slipping a loaded thumb drive in some Iranian scientist's computer far less likely than it was.

But that doesn’t stop the leakers. Nothing does, apparently.

They have their reasons. What do you think they are?

(Thumbnail image on PJM homepage by Shutterstock.com.)