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Which Former President Does Barack Obama Most Resemble?

From the very beginning Obama gave hints of Nixonian traits, but now, with his presidency crumbling around him, the global economy in freefall, and his signature healthcare legislation loved only by members of his immediate family (and even they have probably not read it), he is approaching the apotheosis of Nixonianism – sweaty brows, furtive looks, and a generally solitary and paranoid style.

Even the normally sympathetic Vanity Fair has portrayed him as an isolated man -- one who has isolated himself. Is that not Nixon?

And his attorney general, Eric Holder, is being quintessentially Nixonian, repeatedly prevaricating in front of Congress on the “Fast & Furious” scandal. As with Nixon, it’s not the crime, it’s the cover-up.

Although I admit the tone of this article is to some degree sarcastic, unlike Bill Maher, I take little pleasure in biting sarcasm toward my political adversaries. The condition of country is not good, worse, in fact, than it was even under Carter and certainly under Nixon.

The mainstream media, as again we all know, never examined Obama the man when he first ran for office, although there were many markers available to them. They received him instead with a swoon, the exact opposite manner from which they received Nixon back in the day.

But the American public deserves better than incompetents like Carter and paranoids like Nixon. They deserve grown-ups, perhaps devoid of flash and charisma, but competent enough to do the job. Maybe we need a new Calvin Coolidge.

If you don’t think my comparison is apt, let me know. I know it’s not perfect -- history may repeat itself, but never identically -- but it’s the best I could do at the moment. Have at me.