Obama and the Tea Party—the race card keeps on turning

As I also wrote, the left has a kind of a nostalgia for racism, for a simpler time when it was a lot easier to define right and wrong in our society. As a former sixties civil rights worker, I can empathize with this nostalgia. But it's time to get over it. We have to move on from accusations of racism, which has been a social taboo for decades now, and allow the laws to do their work. The race card is as rancid and reactionary as Louis Farrakhan.

Obama, I think, recognizes this to some extent. As Walsh also notes, he wants to be a post-racial president, or did anyway, but unfortunately he's the kind of guy who apparently can't stop himself from putting people in tired pigeon-holes. He just can't shake free of obvious preconceptions. He seems to accept clichés because they are convenient or because they exonerate him in uncomfortable situations. Tea Partiers are therefore racists, not people seeking to curtail government spending. These are the types, we were informed stereotypically by the then presidential candidate, who cling to their guns and religion.

But as an agnostic who doesn't own a gun, I think Obama's the one with the problem. Actually he has a number of them, pretty bad ones indeed, foreign and domestic, and they have nothing to do with race and everything to do with his policies. He should be addressing those. But, if he does want to grow on a racial front, expand his mind, as it were, he should spend less time with his chichi White House guests and more with some African American Tea Partiers. Pajamas Media would be pleased to introduce him to a few.