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Explaining Newt

However… let me remind you of something. Now of all times we need a president to inspire us. And to do that we have to listen to him or her, lots of times, over and over, for four years, maybe eight.

Listening to Barack Obama is an intolerable experience, equivalent to putting your head in a vice or having permanent root canal work. Another four years of this I may just stick my hand down the garbage disposal.

Listening to Romney-Perry-Santorum-Bachmann-Paul-Huntsman would undoubtedly be an improvement in various ways depending on the person, but in no case is it a particularly exciting thought -- more of a relief from the previous four years of perdition.

Listening to Newt Gingrich for four years, however, is an intriguing prospect. The man has a (Teleprompter-free) mastery of the English language well beyond any American politician of recent memory. And when you have a mastery of language, it generally means you actually have something to say.

That alone may be worth the price of admission.