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Shut Up and Get to the Sports: O'Reilly Interviews Obama on Super Sunday

The coming presidential campaign has practically been destroyed in advance by Fox News because most of the possible Republican candidates are either constant contributors or have their own shows on the network. Even attractive new faces like Paul Ryan could be old faces before we know it.

And Obama, most of all, has turned in to President Rerun. Even if he changed his politics entirely, every single idea, I still wouldn't want to see him ever again. Enough already indeed.

So where does that leave us -- so many predictable people saying their predictable things again and again and again, as if locked in a perpetual Geraldo rehash of the OJ trial with Faye Resnick as the co-host? (In case you haven't been watching, Faye has resurfaced on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.)

Mein own self -- I'm tuning into sports. At least there, unlike when O'Reilly interviews Obama, you don't know everything that's going to happen in advance. The Celtics may justifiably be favored over the Lakers on Thursday, but there's still hope.