Real Blog War: CAIR Goes After Robert Spencer

But not to Eric Holder and Company. To them, "Allahu Akbar" -- the words shouted by Major Hasan as he murdered 12 of his fellow soldiers -- evidently translates not as "God is Great!" but as "I'm unemployed, I'm discriminated against and I can't find a girl on eHarmony who will date a nice Pakistani guy who already has three wives and six children back in Islamabad. So I think I'll kill a few people." Or something like that.

Actually, I apologize for making a joke about something that is far more serious than that. As has been detailed here and on PJTV, our own government has banned the use of the very Islamic terminology whose doctrine and provenance Spencer had the bravery to explain to those FBI agents. He told me on the phone that the agents received him well too. That's good news.

CAIR, not surprisingly, doesn't see it my way. To them, Spencer -- and all of those who are trying to educate us about the dangers of jihadism -- is anathema. They have written FBI Director Robert Mueller to demand an explanation why such a man -- the member of a "hate group" -- had been allowed to speak to FBI agents and to receive the director's assurance that such a horrible thing would never happen again. In keeping with our contemporary fixation, they want Mueller to apologize. CAIR has even enlisted that noted expert on Islamic studies, the Reverend Jesse Jackson, in their cause. (I know. You're shocked.)

If you want to read CAIR's predictable attacks on Spencer, they are here, here and here. If you need a reminder, which I suspect you don't, about CAIR's actual activities and its relationship with Hamas, it's here.

In any case, this is clearly a free speech issue and, once again, in the grand tradition of the Danish cartoons, those who claim to support Islam against supposed slander are in reality trying to suppress their critics by any means necessary. You don't have to agree with everything Spencer says to support him here. Or even with his methods. If you care (no pun certainly intended) about Western civilization, you know that his right to speak to an audience of FBI agents and inform them of his views is not only justified, it's critical.