Liar, liar: Why Obama is failing

Yet the mainstream media paid little attention, or tried not to, certainly did not deign to investigate in any depth. Indeed they went so far that many of them declared Obama's attendant speech on race a masterpiece of the MLKing sort, when it was no more than an assemblage of clichés and mendacious clichés at that, since they covered up the obvious uncomfortable truth that the candidate knew all about Wright and, unlike Oprah Winfrey who left the Trinity Church years before, chose to ignore it for reasons he could or would not be honest about.

So we were lied to about this by Obama and the MSM winked. Yet it was a far more significant lie than Clinton's proclamations about Monica Lewinsky, which only peripherally affected affairs of state and were obviously the desperate acts of a man caught cheating. Obama's prevarication was about the very essence of his political views. Widely desirous of electing its first black president -- I felt this myself but did not act upon it -- the nation gulped and swallowed the lie, but, consciously or unconsciously, it did not forget.

Now we are where we are. We have a president that no one wants to listen to because we do not fully believe him. His own party is deserting him not just because they know his ideas are unpopular. They also know he is unable to convince anyone. We have shut him off.

And now the revelations of J. Christian Adams have shown that his Department of Justice has a racial bias not entirely dissimilar to those of Reverend Wright. Again the MSM is doing its best to ignore this, but the damage is still there and growing and Obama will not be able, this time, to make a speech in his defense.

It's over. For all the excitement of his election, having lied his way into office, Barack Obama was essentially DOA his first night at the White House.