The Dubai Murder Mystery continues at the Wall Street Journal and elsewhere

But even if the Dubai police are second cousins to Sherlock Holmes (a big "if" indeed), I wonder if Mr. Bergman isn't more worried than he should be about something else - the fallout to Israel from their actions in Dubai. (Bergman seems exceptionally nervous that the British will disapprove of Israeli actions.) Of course, he isn't the only one worried. Hamas is worried as well - and perhaps more justifiably so. In the short time between this post and my previous one on the subject, a Hamas legislator Salah Bardawil made the amusing claim that al-Mabhouh was outed because he booked his travel reservations online. In the Dubai Murder Mystery, Expedia "dun it." Well, anything to distract from the frightening thought that Hamas itself could have been compromised.

On a far more serious note, the Timesonline (often a conduit for Mossad information) contains a much more extensive account of the incident in its Sunday edition. The Times places the assassination in the context of the ongoing cold war between Israel and Iran and indeed it now appears that Mahboub was en route to Iran's Bandar Abbas and not China, as previously reported. Read the whole thing, as the saying goes, but I was taken by this particular paragraph:

Yesterday Dhahi Khalfan, the Dubai police chief, said investigators had found that some of the passports had been used in Dubai before. About three months ago it appears Mossad agents using the stolen identities followed Mabhouh when he travelled to Dubai and then on to China. About two months ago they followed him on another visit to Dubai.

Wait a minute. The Mossad had been tracking Mabhouh on two (undoubtedly more) occasions without assassinating him? Why did they finally do it now? I leave that to you, dear reader.

UPDATE: For more of interest see Israel Matzav.