Is Liberalism Dead?

And -- here's the scary part -- that's true no matter at what level we tax ourselves.  Tax the rich at ninety-nine percent and the numbers still will not crunch.  There aren't enough rich people to make up the gap. Not even close. It's all an illusion -- a myth of "fairness,"  which is in reality unfair. In  the world of hard facts, we're stuck unless we cut government handouts -- Social Security and Medicare -- almost beyond recognition. It's sad but true. If we don't, it's bye, bye, Miss American Pie.  Take that state-owned Chevy, drive it to the levee and let it sink in quick sand. In fact, it's already mostly disappeared with only the antenna showing.

Now of course I am referring to modern liberalism, not classical liberalism.  And when I say liberalism is dead, it does not mean that everybody knows or acknowledges this rigor mortis -- or that it will act dead.  Its adherents, especially the legions with a vested economic (unions, etc.) or social (Hollywood, media) interest, will never admit it. They will change the subject from economics so they don't have to debate or examine concrete conditions.  They will seek bailouts to push back any day of reckoning. To distract us and themselves, they will continue to insist the Tea Party movement is racist, even though that is a demonstrable lie, a form of nostalgia, and there are already black congressmen elected with the support of the movement.  For those liberals, the truth is not important -- preservation of self-image and lifestyle is.

But I would remind those people that they have children too.  Someone has to pay for all this.  If we don't, our kids will.  And that makes the assumption that we can get away with it within our remaining life spans.  I doubt we can.