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Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert: Are They Pro-Islamofascist or Just Stupid?

Don't believe me that Stewart and Colbert are that dumb and uninformed?  Well, I don't have any concrete proof,  obviously, but think back to a Daily Show of 2008 when Stewart told his guest, Cliff May, that Truman was a "war criminal" for dropping the atomic bomb on Japan.  Well, it soon became very evident that Stewart knew next to nothing about Truman or the history of the bomb and Bill Whittle made short work of him on a PJTV video that went viral.  A day or two later, Stewart had to retract his inane statement.

So if the comic had less than a high school student's knowledge about the end of World War II, do you think he knows much about Salman Rushdie, Cat Stevens, and fatwas?  I don't have any proof, as I said, but I'm certainly suspicious.

Of course these are the supposedly "cool" leaders of the liberal or progressive,  call-it-what- you-want, movement right now. They are above the fray, smarter than the rest of us, and anxious to return us all to sanity.  Spare me. Back in the day they used to call the Republicans the dumb party and the Democrats the evil party. The way things are going, I think they got it two-thirds right.  There are two dumb parties and one evil one.