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DOJ Slimes Whistleblower Adams in Panthergate Case

Indeed, there may be “others who know the truth,” and it will be interesting to see what emerges. If there is racial discrimination in the Department of Justice, that is something we should all know about, so that it can be corrected as quickly as possible.

Pajamas Media and PJTV will be posting more information about this in the days to come. Watch this space and PJTV for more, including awards and promotions given Adams -- the man whose reputation the Department is now attempting to tarnish -- by the very DOJ only months ago.

If this were another administration -- no doubt if this were the Bush administration -- a veritable army of reporters would be assigned to this story with visions of Pulitzers dancing in their heads.

But given our current media environment, this is the kind of potential scandal that could easily be swept under the rug.

Pajamas Media will continue to work with Chris Adams to get his story out. He will have more details for us next Tuesday, after his scheduled testimony before the United States Commission on Civil Rights.