Roger L. Simon

Fiorina "Boxing Out" Boxer

As a long time NBA fan, I am painfully aware of the importance of “boxing out.” And one person who should have been boxed out years ago is my home state Senator Barbara Boxer. Of course if there were even sensible term limits (twelve years in the Senate, por ejemplo), she’d be gone by now. Too bad. She may personally be the rudest person in Congress – and one of the dopiest. Her recent assault on a general for calling her “Ma’am” instead of “Senator” was a real eye roller. And now, apparently, she has a serious opponent in the offing: What looks increasingly likely is that Boxer will be in for the re-election fight of her career. While she has yet to announce her candidacy, all signs point to a run by Republican Carly Fiorina, the charismatic ex-chief of Hewlett-Packard who was ousted from her job in 2005 and last year served as a top surrogate for John McCain’s presidential bid.

One of the big issues, possibly the big issue, of the campaign should be climate change, which should be something of a hoot. Whatever Fiorina’s career at HP, no doubt she is quite a bit more scientifically savvy than Boxer who has been the most slavish of global warming true believers. The thought of watching them discuss the subject is amusing. I wonder what Boxer would make of such things as the role of sun spots in climate and the Medieval Warming Period – or if she has even heard of the latter. After all, it’s not in Al Gore’s movie. I can’t wait to find out.