Roger L. Simon

Blog World II

I’m at LAX, waiting to get on the plane for Vegas for the second Blog World.  I don’t like to gamble (hate to lose),  so I go to Vegas for the camaraderie (in this instance) and the food.  Weird to think that Las Vegas is a culinary destination now, but it is.  It’s also strange to be going to Vegas in the midst of an economic meltdown (or not).  It was always hard to figure where all those people got the cash for their stacks of hundred dollar chips that disappeared – for almost everyone – into the great maw of  the big casino. I wonder if they will be there now. So far we haven’t had any trouble booking at the good restaurants.  It wasn’t always that way.

If you’re going to be at Blog World, look me up at Pajamas Media booth – or stop by after my panel… something about politics around noon on Saturday.  [I can see you’ve been boning up. -ed.  I’ve got an hour on the plane.]

UPDATE: Here’s the real reason I’m going to Vegas.