Roger L. Simon

Don't "Gotcha" Me, Barack!

Obama says that last night’s debate focused on “gotcha,” not substantive, issues. Good spin on his part, I suppose, and maybe he has a point on Bittergate. Yes, it could be argued he misspoke – and even if he didn’t, elitism isn’t the biggest crime in the world. But his nose is as long as Pinocchio’s on the important question – the Reverend Wright. And it couldn’t be more substantive. Because Wright is a racist/race baiter — a despicable reactionary — and Obama chose to make him his spiritual adviser twenty years ago. He kept him in that role until less than a year ago. Obama also expects us to believe that he didn’t know the kinds of things Wright was saying until quite recently. Planet Earth!… If you believe that, I have a borough-full of bridges to sell you. Also Obama wants us to excuse Wright because his church did some “good things.” Well, I’ve heard that argument before. (“Thank you, Il Duce, for making the trains run on time!”) The Presidency is in large measure about character. At the very least of it, Obama has character problems of gigantic proportions.