Roger L. Simon

The Huffington Post and Pajamas Media - Who's got the magic?

Arianna Huffington got quite a shout out from the New York Times yesterday as Citizen Huff. Apparently the Huffington Post’s unique visitors on Nielsen has risen to 3.7 million, placing this home for the liberal devout number two on Technorati behind Tech Crunch–an impressive total after only three years and a benchmark in Arianna’s goal of being an online newspaper.

Pajamas Media got started about a half year after the Huffington Post with a “distributed model.” We amalgamated about ninety independent blogs more loosely around a main portal site. This was chosen deliberately as a more “democratic and bloggy” approach, although we think we are building a newspaper in our way too.

Pajamas Media’s total unique visitors in its network for March (also based on Nielsen stats) were four million – three hundred thousand more than the Huffington Post – although this doesn’t appear on Technorati because we have many different URLs, a result of our original choice.