Roger L. Simon

Fear of Thompson meets Fear of Reality

The fuddy-duddies at the Los Angeles Times have been making quite a spectacle of themselves lately trying to paint Fred Thompson as secretly “pro-choice” and therefore a phony conservative, whatever that means. [Full disclosure: this writer thinks most political terminology is phony anyway.] They must be terrified that Thompson could actually win, doing this kind of dim-witted, desperate smear this early in the game. The folks at the Hotline are having a good time with the LAT today (scroll down).

But getting outside the world of beating a (half) dead horse (the LAT) and getting back to the real world, the truth is that the whole choice issue is hugely bogus. It’s over – and I suspect most people already know it. Something close to Rowe v. Wade is the law of the land and nothing is going to change that, except around the margins (partial birth abortion, etc.). Abortion to the vast majority of Americans has become a private matter, notwithstanding where they stand on it.

As readers of this blog know, I welcome that. As far as I’m concerned, the government should stay as far from our private lives as possible. But I will go further. I am almost certain that the three major Republican candidates (Giuliani, Thompson and Romney… Mr. McCain – he dead) live their private lives as if they were pro-choice – meaning that as intelligent adult males in our society that have had to deal with a “woman’s right to choose” for decades now. Those of you who are social conservatives, if you are living in reality, know that that horse left the barn so long ago you can’t see it now without a telescope. What you will hear from those Republican candidates on the subject will ALL be absolute baloney. And if you social cons insist on backing them into a corner on it, you will only help them lose. Up to you.

And of course you will be helping the Los Angeles Times justify their propagandistic nonsense and encourage more of it. Again, up to you.