Roger L. Simon

Seymour, An (Iranian) Introduction

Because Pajamas and this site have been covering events in Iran, we were sent last night the interview with Seymour Hersh conducted by state radio of the Islamic Republic. In this interview Hersh calls Iran “probably the most democratic country” in the Middle East. You could call that damning with faint praise, but it is much worse. I have described on here a recent encounter I had with one of the leaders of their student movement. His face had been bashed in like a Picasso from his multiple stays in Evin Prison. He and his brother (also an activist) were tortured in front of each other in the same prison. Later the brother was murdered by the Regime. Hersh is evidently not interested in such matters. He probably thinks he’s some sort of scion of Orwell. Lots of people do. But Orwell best described the likes of Hersh when he called them “objectively pro-fascist.”