Roger L. Simon

Vote early and often - or, in my case, maybe

As a registered Democrat [Still?-ed. What can I say? Old habits die hard.], I have been wondering whether it was worth the effort to vote in the California Democratic Primary today. I favor the rare independent-minded sorts over traditional party hacks, which doesn’t leave me with much to support on either side of the aisle. I was going to vote for newcomer Steve Westly – until he actually began running the usual dim-witted attack ads, which don’t augur particularly well for his political independence. And his opponent Phil Angelides is one of those dreary pols who should have been term-limited out of everything two decades ago. So I don’t have anyone to vote for for governor at this go around.

But I am going to the polls. Something about this guy always amuses me. At least, unlike ninety-percent of professional politicians, he occasionally says something surprising. He makes a zillion mistakes, but, hey, so do I. So I’m going to vote in the Attorney General’s race and then go home. It won’t take long.