Roger L. Simon

Dr. Wafa Sultan - more dangerous than the cartoons

People ask where are the moderate Muslims. Given the response to the appearance of Dr. Wafa Sultan on Al Jazeera – the myriad death threats on her answering machine, etc. – it is not hard to imagine why most of them remain silent. Very few of any religion or nationality have anywhere near the courage this woman has. Reading the NYT article linked above, I felt bad the author even noted the suburb in which she lived. If I had been writing the piece, I would have left that out.

Dr. Sultan’s interview should be distributed as widely as possible and I applaud MEMRI for putting her interview online. (If you have not seen it, click here.) Medieval though he may be, the Syrian cleric who, according to the NYT, called this interview more dangerous to Islam than the Danish cartoons was, of course, correct. This is an intelligent woman speaking the truth without mockery in front of millions of people. Long may she thrive.