Roger L. Simon

The Great Blogosphere UN Secretary General Poll

Captain Marlow has been outdoing yours truly in his Oil-for-Food coverage lately (it helps to be more fluent than I am in Italian) and notified me of the sinister/amusing (depending on your outlook) news today that notorious Saddam apologist Father Benjamin has been caught with his self-righteous hand in the Oil-for-Food cookie jar to the tune of 140K. (Known in Italian as the scandalo “Olil for Food”)

Using that as a prelude, and being generally future-oriented, I think it’s high time, as Captain Marlow again recommends, that we have a Great Blogosphere UN Secretary General Poll. Who should succeed Kofi Annan when the smooth-talking Don of Turtle Bay finally releases his iron grip on the world body? I’d vote for Claudia Rosett myself, but let’s try to be realistic and pick people who might conceivably be candidates for the job. The Ukraine has already announced it is backing Polish President Alexander Kwasniewski.

Put down your selections here and I will try to cull out a list of finalists. [Like you don’t have enough to do.-ed.]