Roger L. Simon

Les liaisons dangereuses du fils Annan - Outing my Sources

kofi.jpgThe escalating scandal surrounding the Volcker Comittee’s second interim report went international this morning with this article from Le Figaro, which references everybody’s favorite Choderlos de Laclos novel in one of its subheads (see my title).

Accompanying the article was this photo (below) of the two sources of’s special reports 1, 2 and 3 – Franco-Lebanese businessman Pierre Mouselli (left) and his attorney Adrian Gonzalez-Maltes.adrian.jpg

Coming tomorrow morning will be a cover story on the scandal from the Sunday London Times by Robert Winnett which is said to be highly critical of the committee and of Kofi Annan, possibly a bombshell.

UPDATE: Here’s Claudia Rosett on the “farce” of the media and Annan himself declaring the SG “exonerated” when the Volcker investigation has barely begun (or should have barely begun).

And here’s Austin Bay coining the apt new term “ego-crat.” [Don’t you go stealing that one.-ed. Moi?]

And this is interesting… from Deborah Orin’s column in the New York Post:

Vice President Dick Cheney yesterday gave U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan the big chill, declining to express any desire to have him stay on the job after the oil-for-food scandal.

Asked if Annan should remain, Cheney finessed the question and replied, “Our views haven’t changed any with respect to Kofi Annan.”

And what are those views?

“They haven’t changed a bit,” Cheney repeated with a smile as he passed up the invitation to voice confidence in the embattled U.N. chief just days after a critical report from prober Paul Volcker.

They seem to be letting Kofi twist in the wind. Cheney doing “The Twist”? Now there’s a thought.

MORE: Here is the Times story. Although it substantially repeats what has appeared on here, there are no new “bombshells.”