Roger L. Simon

Live Debate II

Chris Wallace: “Let’s get ready to rumble.”

At the outset, the whole event seems fake. Six or seven minutes in it all seems like blablabla.

When Kerry says that Iraq was not a center of the War on Terror it is hard to take him seriously as a man as anything but a liar. He’s read the history and is no doubt aware of Abu Nidal, Zarqawi, etc…. of Saddam’s relations with Al Qaeda in the Sudan and so forth. Frankly, I can’t stand Kerry and can’t be an unbiased reporter. Some people in the MSM must feel the same way about Bush. This is instructive to me – writing a moment to moment description. You can’t keep your feelings out of it. Unbiased reporting is about as possible flying to the moon with a Piper Cub.

Bush just made an excellent case for the importance of a free Iraq. KErry has nothing to say to our troops. He is also pompous when he talks about the soldiers speaking to him. It sounds like it’s about Kerry. He’s no Clinton who is able to pull personal stuff off. This man is a stiff – again at least to me. Now he’s talking about his going on “missions.” Yecch!

Wait a minute… now Iraq was NOT a mistake according to KErry. He’s flip flopping before our eyes.

Sheryl says Bush looks disgusted. I don’t blame him. How will the public react?

This debate is actually quite boring. Both men just repeat themselves.

Does Kerry put me to sleep because I don’t like him or does he just put me to sleep? The Zen koan for this debate.

I just couldn’t understand Kerry’s plan. Someone emailed me the obvious which I imagien most readers of this blog already know, that the original WTC attack in 93 had Iraqi connections. This effort to separate Irag from the WoT is tendentious bs.

BTW, Lehrer is deadly dull questioner. Not specific at all. Why no questions of Iran?

The question of the evening is how many people are still listening. Maybe Drudge will tell us tomorrow.

Now KErry is lying about Iran to such a degree I find it stupendous. He is telling us that Europe is leading the way. That is a bald-faced lie. Shame on him on this important issue.

Kerry just got caught mixing up plutonium and enriched uranium.

He continues to LIE about Iran. The Euros have a totally different interest in Iran. They are getting cheap oil for Iran via a deal they make with Khomeini. Maybe KErry wants to join in.

Overall, Kerry has drawn no blood tonight and he is the one who had to.

“I have never wavered in my life,” John Kerry.

Good news for the mullahs: Kerry opposes the US developing bunker busting nuclear weapons.

Is it just me or does Bush actually seem to be more informed than Kerry?

Which side is Kerry on? I thought he wanted to strengthen our alliances. Now he wants to break our alliance with Putin. He prefers Chirac, I suppose.

In his concluding statement, Kerry kept referring to his plan for Iraq – but was it? I still don’t know other than enlisting our allies from Oil-for-Food.

In the Fox post show, I’m agreeing with Mort Kondracke that a lot of people may have turned away for the football game.

Who won? Beats me. We’ll let the pollsters tell us. Did anyone who is aware of the issues learn anything? Hardly.