Roger L. Simon

Kobe's Travels

I was reminded today of the old saw (is it Mencken?) “When they say it’s not about the money, it’s about the money” when I read this report from ABC News: Bryant Alleged Victim’s Lawyers Speak Out. Apparently Kobe’s accuser may now not testify for the prosecution because of all the leaks, which, as we know, are not entirely flattering to her behavior. Still, despite a welter of apparent DNA evidence to the contrary, her attorneys, Mssrs. Clune and Wood, continue to insist the young lady did not have sex with a third party between her encounter with Bryant and her reporting the alleged rape to the police. Instead they are banging the drum for victims’ rights. [Do you think they really care?–ed. Come on.]

“The net effect is to say they’ve literally rewritten the law of rape,” Wood said. “To say that ‘Unless you’re a virgin, keep it to yourself. Don’t come forward, deal with it yourself.’ …That’s not the right message to send to women around this country and to other young girls who might find themselves victims of rape, particularly date rape and acquaintance rape.”

Methinks the legal gentleman doth protest too much (it’s his job, after all). The real culprit here regarding victims’ rights is Mark Hurlbert, the boneheaded and ambitious DA of Eagle, CO who never should have brought the case in the first place. But no matter. From here on in, it’s going to be about money — how much can be extracted in a civil suit or by the threat thereof from Kobe Bean Bryant. I’m not betting on a lot, but those lawyers are going to try their best.