Trump's Misdemeanors vs. Hillary's Felonies

And the ongoing WikiLeaks dumps show that it was always a foregone conclusion that we would be played by the Clintons. The whole FBI investigation was a travesty, an expensive fraud on the public. Hillary was never going to be charged, for the very good reason that the president of the United States was complicit in her flouting of security protocols and mishandling of classified materials. As Andy McCarthy noted yesterday,

the principal reason why Mrs. Clinton was not prosecuted, despite a mountain of evidence that she committed felony mishandling of classified information, is the fact that Obama engaged in the same kind of misconduct. . . [T]he fact that the president was e-mailing Clinton means he not only participated in her misconduct but also that the Obama-Clinton e-mails would have been admissible evidence in any criminal trial of Clinton.

For the parties to prove such culpable conduct on the president’s part in a high-profile criminal trial would have been profoundly embarrassing to him, to say the least. Therefore, it was never going to happen.

But don't you go trying that with national secrets. All animals are equal, Comrade, but some are more equal than others. There's one law (or, to be more accurate, there's no law) for folks like Barack Obama and the Clintons, another for proles like you and me.

So the entire investigation was just for show. How does the public feel about that? It's hard to say, for they don't know about it, not really.  Sure, the whole sordid, cynical operation has been detailed by independent journalists like McCarthy. But the phalanx of the MSM has been unbroken in downplaying the story. Twenty seconds to WikiLeaks — during which time the Clinton campaign is quoted dismissing the allegations as a plot by Trump — an hour to Trump's alleged sexual peccadillos.

Ever since her collapse on September 11, Hillary has barely campaigned. She has gone to a few fundraisers, a rally or two, and has shown up with a brightly polished smile for  the two debates. Last week, it was announced that she would be making no appearances until the next and last debate this coming Wednesday, October 19.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump is criss-crossing the country, holding multiple rallies a day.  Will it make any difference?  I don't know. Some months ago, I wrote that "there is no reason to believe that the supreme oddity that has characterized this primary season has run its course." I continue to believe that.  Who knows what twists and turns await us in these final weeks.  Will there be further October surprises?  Will Donald Trump be revealed to have once driven with Hillary Clinton in a cage on the roof of his car?  Will it be revealed that he was once mean to a fellow student in high school?

Who can say?  Donald Trump has recovered somewhat in the polls but he faces an implacable and united front in the allied forces of the Clinton machine, GOP defectors,  and Clinton's compliant media enablers (just how compliant, and how complicit, WikiLeaks has begun to show us).

I would not be at all surprised to see Hillary Clinton win by acclamation. Like the late Roman Republic, America has more and more come to be an aristocratic oligarchy  that is a republic in name only. We plebs exist only to be milked and to provide affirmation for decisions taken by the elites who govern us.

But as I say, there is no reason to think that the oddities of this election are over. Donald Trump is riding a powerful, broad-based, and nationwide current of revulsion with the status quo. The media and hostile precincts of the punditocracy assure each other and us sheep that Hillary is a shoo-in.  Just look at the polls. Just consider Trump's boorish sexism. Contemplate the magnificence of having our first woman president!

And yet, and yet. Perhaps the odds favor Hillary.  The fancy money certainly thinks so. But were I a betting man I would recommend a strategic hedge. There are plenty of things that distinguish this election from the Brexit referendum in June.  But there is at least one glaring similarity: Here, as in Britain, the smug, inbred uniformity of elite opinion obscures the depth and determination of competing forces.  It was enough to shock all establishment opinion when the vote came through for Brexit. Whether it will be enough to propel Donald Trump over the victory line is yet to be determined.  It would be a rash man, however, who declared it to be impossible.