Why I Support Ted Cruz

2. National security.  Ted Cruz would reverse the policy of spineless accommodation underwritten by a globalist suspicion of U.S. power that has characterized the Obama administration from the president’s grand “apology tour” in the opening weeks of his administration to the appalling side “deal” he recently made with Iran, funneling billions upon billions of dollars to a regime whose central ambition, apart from the enabling contingency of acquiring nuclear weapons, is the destruction of Israel.

Like Ronald Reagan, Cruz understands the deep truth implicit in the motto “peace through strength.” A strong military may facilitate war; weakness and capitulation tend to precipitate it. Strength keeps the peace; weakness and irresolution invite dangerous adventurism among our rivals and opponents. In pursuit of a stronger United States, Cruz has promised to increase military spending to at least 4 percent of GDP. He has promised to scrap the illicit accommodation with Iran that Obama circumvented the Senate to extend. And he has made it clear that, when he is president, we will no longer have to fear calling Islamic terrorism by its real name. Cruz has furthermore made it clear that in his administration, national self-interest, not a Wilsonian attachment to fostering world democracy, would be the cornerstone of his foreign policy. Such a policy might offer fewer opportunities for grand-sounding utopian rhetoric, but it will do far more to foster the security not only of the United States but also of the rest of the world.

I suspect that national security issues are going to impinge more and more urgently on our lives as the time bombs bequeathed to us by nearly eight years of President Clueless begin to detonate. The people of the United States, and indeed of the world, will thank their lucky stars that the country will be guided by a mature, pro-American patriot who understands the metabolism of power and is not afraid to call things by their real names.

Of course, it is not only on the international scene that Barack Obama has proceeded against American interests like a wrecking ball.  There is also the shambles he has made of our economy, from that fiscally incontinent disaster that is Obamacare to the mind-boggling, anti-prosperity agenda that is his energy policy. And that brings me to number...

3. Economic policy. It is no secret that the U.S. economy is stagnant. Growth is the fuel that powers prosperity, but growth on Obama’s watch has been anemic at best. Ted Cruz understands that unfettered capitalism is the most powerful engine for the production of wealth that the world has ever seen. He has set forth in meticulous detail a freedom agenda that would lower taxes and streamline government and its regulatory militia, beginning with the Internal Revenue Service, which he promises to abolish. People scoff at that, thinking it is just hustings hyperbole. I think he is in earnest, and I like it. The current tax code runs to seventy-six thousand pages. It is a bureaucratic monstrosity of historic proportions. The IRS is charged with collecting taxes. Under Obama, it has been weaponized as a battalion of ideological gauleiters, bent on imposing certain left-wing social policies by granting or withholding the oxygen of its approval.  Cruz would change all that. He has outlined a compelling and radically simplified tax plan, one of whose signal selling points is a tax form the size of a post card. I write on the eve of tax day 2016.  How I would have preferred to file this: