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A New Word for the Dictionary of Cant

This undated combination of photos provided by the FBI, left, and the California Department of Motor Vehicles shows Tashfeen Malik, left, and Syed Farook. The husband and wife died in a fierce gunbattle with authorities several hours after their commando-style assault on a gathering of Farook's colleagues from San Bernardino, Calif., County's health department Wednesday, Dec. 2, 2015. (FBI, left, and California Department of Motor Vehicles via AP)

Watching the disgraceful performance of Attorney General Loretta Lynch at FBI Director James Comey’s press conference yesterday about the slaughter in San Bernardino, I was reminded that the word “evolve”  has lately been enlisted in the lexicon of evasive bureaucratic mendacity. She couldn’t bring herself to utter the word “terrorism,” much less the term “Islamic,” but she opened the press conference with a content-free sack of emetic clichés, chief of which was the obfuscatory observation that no one should conclude anything about this latest murderous rampage because the news from San Bernardino “continues to evolve.” It is, she cautioned a few sentences later, “an evolving investigation,” so . . .

So what? So just push some papers around and wait until people calm down and we can get on with the important business of discussing “climate change” and otherwise pursuing Barack Obama’s stated goal of “fundamentally transforming the United States of America” from a capitalist dynamo where limited government and individual liberty are the watchwords to a bastion of central planning and regulatory paralysis. Last night, Loretta Lynch explained herself further when addressing a group of Muslims in Washington, D.C. Her “greatest fear” since the slaughter in Paris last month was not Islamic terrorism but “retaliatory violence” against innocent Muslims. At that event, Lynch made no mention of the massacre in San Bernardino, where two Islamic radicals, a husband and wife team, murdered 14 and wounded 21.

“The situation is evolving”: that’s cant-speak for “Shut up. Don’t ask any questions. We Gauleiters are in charge here: you are querulous sheep that need to be kept on narrative by us commissars.”

I described the press conference yesterday as “FBI Director James Comey’s” event. Watching the video, however, it is quite clear that it was orchestrated by the White House, which is said to be “furious” with Comey for straying from the official Obama narrative, i.e., that Islamic terrorism is not Islamic terrorism but rather the deranged activity of “lone extremists” bent on “workplace violence,” etc., etc. It was clear that Loretta Lynch was on hand to invigilate the proceedings and to follow her boss’s directive to  “control the message.” Although his remarks were reportedly vetted by the White House, Comey did manage to smuggle in the word “terrorism” at one point, though he quickly cautioned that, at this point, there was no evidence that the husband and wife team were part of a cell or had ties to terrorist organizations. And here’s an alarming spectacle.  Watch the YouTube video of the press conference linked here.  You’ll see that it plays twice: the first time, at about the six-minute mark, Jame Comey concludes his remarks and offers to take questions. A voice in the crowd is heard saying something and the feed suddenly goes dead.  That video was later edited and that awkward bit was excised: the clip now ends with Comey telling people to “say something” if they “see something.” No questions. The situation is “evolving.”

At that Washington event where Attorney General Loretta Lynch addressed a group of Muslims yesterday, she pledged to prosecute those who use “anti-Muslim speech” that “edges towards violence.” What do you suppose that means? It was a question that former Illinois Congressman Joe Walsh pondered publicly. “What the hell does that mean?” the congressman asked.

I have a 1st Amendment right, Ms Lynch, to say whatever I want about Muslims.

You want to try and prosecute me for what I say? I dare you. Here goes:

Most Muslims around the world are terrorists, support terrorism, and/or support Sharia Law. They are our enemy. I don’t want them in America. Any Muslim that won’t assimilate should get the hell out of America. Any Muslim that is a terrorist or supports terrorism should be killed. If “Moderate” Muslims don’t speak out against terrorism, they are our enemy and we should call them out and kick them out of this country. I hope there is a backlash against Muslims because Islam, as practiced by most Muslims, is not a religion of peace, and all of us who do live in peace should do whatever we can to defeat Islam.

There Ms Lynch. As an American, I have a right to say everything I just did. And I will continue to speak the truth about Islam in the hopes that others will wake up to this truth and do what we can to defeat this evil in our midst.

Is that “anti-Muslim rhetoric” that “edges toward violence.” Go ahead and prosecute me. I dare you.

Refreshing, no? But since the situation is still “evolving,” we don’t know what Loretta Lynch will do. Also evolving is the tension between James Comey and Barack Obama. Bill Clinton dismissed FBI Director William Sessions halfway through his 10-year term for misusing government resources. A year or two ago, I would have said that Barack Obama would not dare to remove the independent-minded James Comey without cause.  Given Obama’s “evolving” attack on the Constitution, to say nothing of his “evolving” arrogation of power to the office of the president, I am not so sure. I would have thought that the slaughter perpetrated by Muslim radicals in San Bernardino would be a wake-up call whose urgency the American people, and even the American media, would attend.  But then I thought the same of

* the Islamic attacks of 9/11, which left 3000 dead.

* The Islamic attack in Bali in 2002, which left 202 dead and 240 injured.

* The Islamic bombing of a train in Madrid, which killed 191 and wound 1,800.

* The Islamic attacks on the London Underground, 53 dead, nearly 700 injured.

* The Islamic attack in Mumbai in 2006, which killed 209 and injured more than 700.

* The Islamic attacks in Mumbai in 2008, which killed at least 166.

* The Islamic attack at Ft. Hood, which killed 13 and injured 33.

* The Islamic attack in at the Boston Marathon in 2013, which killed three and injured or maimed 183.

* The Islamic attacks in Paris in early 2015, which killed 17 and injured injured 22.

* The Islamic attack against a Russian plane in October 2015, which killed all 224 aboard.

* The Islamic attacks in Paris a few weeks ago, which killed 137 and wounded 368.

Et very much cetera.

I was wrong that these earlier attacks — the list stretches into the 100s — were enough to sound a tocsin sufficiently strong to awaken the populace and the media from their “dogmatic slumbers.”  But I see signs that the latest carnage perpetrated by Muslim murderers has penetrated the thick carapace of indifference and wormed its way behind the reflexive ideological cringe that has done so much to enable the autocratic excesses of Barack Obama’s irresponsible leadership on this and other issues. The clock is ticking.  Barack Obama will only be president for another 13 months. He can, to be sure,  do a lot more damage to the country in that time, but perhaps serious people who have the good of our country at heart will finally wake up to the threat he poses to freedom, prosperity, and basic national security and do what the Constitution provides for in the matter of dealing with an errant executive whose behavior imperils the republic.