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Chris Christie, Bully Blowhard

Ouch. At least I say ouch. And remember, this is the man who thought the Ground Zero Mosque was just great: lots of Muslims who have to be fed and watered in New Jersey, you know.

Because of the Democrats’ irresponsible policies, many states are at the threshold of bankruptcy. Republicans were supposed to be the chaps who could fix that. Some did. Mitch Daniels in Indiana, for example: a sterling success story. But Christie’s New Jersey is just as much of an basket case as it ever was. More from the Star Ledger:

  • Only 11 percent of New Jerseyans say they are better off than when he took office.
  • Employment is up just 2.2 percent since he took office.
  • Incomes are stagnant: New Jersey ranks near the bottom of the nation again.
  • Home prices are down 6.7 percent, putting New Jersey in the bottom quartile. Only Florida has a higher rate of foreclosure.

So why exactly should conservatives rally around this man?