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Obama Is Not Nixon

Of course, it is no easy matter to get one’s bearings.  Discriminating between what is essential and what is epiphenomenal is tricky. What is more important, the scandal that was the administration’s handling of the terrorist attacks in Benghazi or the possibility that an administration would deploy the Internal Revenue Service to harass its ideological opponents? I do not know. But the cracks in the edifice of Obama’s calm seem to me to have a House-of-Usher aspect about them.  We still haven’t gotten to the bottom of the IRS or the Benghazi stories and won’t, I suspect, for some little while.  But I wouldn’t be at all surprised if big changes were nigh. Who knows what the precipitating event will be?  It might be something apparently innocuous. Another mot from Harold Nicolson: “Some seemingly vast event may drop into the pool of time and arouse no more than a sudden momentary splash; a pebble may fall into the pool and create a ripple  which, as it widens and extends, can stir the depths." Stand by.