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Calling a Spade a Spade in Boston

This presents Barack Hussein Obama with a problem. “The president,” as Andrew McCarthy notes, “is mulishly determined to cultivate Islamic-supremacist governments and movements like the Muslim Brotherhood”:

The stubborn problem is that al-Qaeda -- the only Muslim outfit the administration seems willing to hang the “terrorist” label on -- is also Islamic-supremacist. That is, al-Qaeda is adherent to the same ideology -- based on sharia, Islam’s legal code and societal framework -- as the groups the administration considers “allies” and “moderates.”

What to do? The president hasn’t quite figured that one out. But it’s not only his problem. It’s also very much our problem. Why? Because we, we Westerners, we infidels, we Jews and Christians are the target.

As McCarthy observes:

Organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood have tactical disagreements with al-Qaeda about what situations call for the use of violence to advance the supremacist agenda and how quickly sharia should be imposed. At bottom, though, they are in agreement with al-Qaeda about the imperatives of imposing sharia, eradicating Israel, destroying the West, and eliminating Western influences from Islamic countries. Islamic supremacism is a mainstream Islamic ideology -- held by tens of millions of Muslims, not just a few thousand al-Qaeda members and collaborators. Thus, if the administration were to admit that this ideology and agenda catalyze terrorism, they would logically have to admit the problem is much bigger than al-Qaeda.

But if they forbear to make this admission and continue to turn a blind eye to the nature and extent of this murderous ideology, what then?

Not to worry. The president and his family now have Secret Service protection for life. The important people will be all right.

It’s mostly folks like Martin Richard, age 8, who will have to worry. He was blown to bits,and his mother and sister were maimed by the Boston bomber. But the main thing to worry about, if David Sirota is right, is “white male privilege.”