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The Next Target of Leftists: Talk Radio

This is not a secret.  We’ve seen Leftists try to put popular talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh out of business.  But the attack is far more broad-based. What drives Leftists to distraction is the thought that someone, somewhere entertains a thought that differs from the thoughts they ought (according to leftist gospel) to entertain.

Just yesterday, I heard about the latest assault on talk radio from my friend Guy Green, who presides over a popular talk radio show from Minnesosta called "The Speakeasy." I’ve been on the show a couple of times, as have many friends:  Andy McCarthy, for example, Frank Gaffney, David Horowitz, Michael Ledeen, Hans von Spakofsky, J. Christian Adams, Michele Bachmann, Jack Cashill, and  Robert McFarlane,among many others.  "The Speakeasy" broadcasts from station  wwwi in Brainerd, Minnesota. It was recently bought Red Rock Radio, which is owned by Myron Kunin, a left-wing activist who is almost certain to shut down "The Speakeasy." In an email to me, Mr. Green quotes a CBS radio executive who speculated that the move was part of a movement “to buy out smaller stations across the country to cripple the talk radio format.” I wouldn’t doubt it. But if you like talk radio (and if you’re reading this, you probably do), I urge you to check out "The Speakeasy" and see if you can help keep them on the air.

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