Isn't it time we grew up?

A couple of days ago, when the Dow lost 265 points, I said that it was "naked emperor time in Washington." The Entitlement Express was finally screeching to a halt at the end of the line. But that wasn't all.

The hypertrophied Potemkin Village that is Washington, D.C., was also coming to the end of its line. When Barack Obama (I was going to write "Barack Hussein Obama," but some of my liberal friends tell me it is bad manners to do so, because . . . well, I'm not sure why, but I am happy to forbear mentioning his middle name) -- anyway, when Barack Obama was just Senator Obama on the hustings, there was a lot of talk about his lack of experience. He had never run anything. He was a typical hothouse product of our self-satisfied liberal elite culture: untested, insulated from reality, but marinated in the intoxicating certainty that the liberal consensus he represented was the key to enlightenment and prosperity -- provided, of course, that those angry, narrow-minded people who "cling to guns or religion" would get out of the way.

Back then, in September of 2008, I suggested that experience, while not the only important qualification for a presidential candidate, was at least one important thing. "Leave aside for a moment," I wrote,

the most serious questions about Obama: 1) the question of who he really and where his true allegiance lies, and 2) what he and his team would do to the country’s economy, civil liberties, and standing in the world – leave aside those momentous issues for a moment and just consider his stunning lack of experience. It’s not only that he is a first term Senator, it is also that he is a first-term Senator who has been ostentatiously hors de combat when it came to voting.

Voting "present" may be a sign of political calculation; it is not an attribute of political wisdom, insight, or leadership.

In his State of the Union address in January 2010, Barack Obama predicted that his menu of liberal nostrums -- higher taxes, greater state control, "investment" in so-called "green" industry -- would create "countless jobs." In a way, I suppose he was right: the jobs are "countless" because you cannot count them: they do not exist.

The Associated Press today: "Dems warn long-term jobless could derail recovery." Do you think so?

But of course the big news today was a number: 512 -- the number of points the Dow lost. Some one with a calculator can tell us how many billions of dollars that represents. You don't need a calculator to know what it means about the people we've elected to lead us, above all about Barack Obama, the smooth-talking neophyte who thinks economics is about redistributing wealth instead of (what it is really about) creating wealth.

The American poet Frank O'Hara wrote a poem whose title I've always admired: "Meditations in an Emergency." That's where we are now: you can tell it's an emergency by the panic you smell in the air. It will get worse. And as it does, more and more people will recognize an important fact: that Barack Obama is presiding over a Potemkin Village. He hasn't a clue about what to do to salvage the U.S economy. How could he? He was brought up on the anti-growth, statist nostrums that forsake basic human psychology for the sake of utopian schemes: forget about anything so crass as incentives! We here who are in charge will tell you how to make an electric car that no one wants but that you should buy it becuase it is "good for the environment!"