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What Sauce Will Barack Obama Use When He Eats His Words?

Particulars? In Egypt, since the Muslim Brotherhood is banned, supporters “run for office as independents.” It preaches “social justice,” “the eradication of poverty and corruption,” “political freedom” — important caveat — “to the extent allowed by the laws of Islam.”

What is happening in Egypt? Joe Biden, whose record for imbecility is unblemished, chalked up another victory a few days ago when he assured us that Hosni Mubarak was “not a dictator.” He looks like  a dictator. He certainly acts like a dictator. Nevertheless, Biden, in what Fox News called “the Obama administration's most definitive statement to date” (January 28), said that Mubarak should not step down.

He might be right.

The “unrest” (a polite word for “riots”) we are seeing in Egypt is certainly “popular” unrest.  We are supposed to be in favor of unrest when it is “popular,” aren’t we?

Again, I would suggest that we take a look at the nature and composition of the populace before offering a definitive opinion about that.  Ponder this headline from The New York Times: “Iran Sees Rise of Islamic Hard-Liners.

An unhappy truth: in this imperfect world, we are often faced with a choice between something bad and something worse.

If you want to understand what is happening in Egypt, read Andy McCarthy’s book The Grand Jihad. Its chief purpose is to illuminate what is happening in the United States.  But it has a lot of historical background about the origin and evolution of the Muslim Brotherhood.  McCarthy is not as cheery as President Obama. He is, however, a good sight more truthful.