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"Real and tangible progress for the American people"

The current President of the United States acknowledges some "skepticism" about his plans for a politically correct spending orgy, but that simply provides him with an opportunity to indulge in one of his favorite tropes, blaming the administration of George W. Bush for setting a poor example.

Perhaps the most cynical moment in the entire performance came when the current President of the United promised to spend these "precious dollars"--all 800,000,000,000 of them--with "unprecedented accountability, responsibility, and transparency." It will be amusing, in a gruesome sort of way, to click onto "recovery.gov," a website that, according to the current President of the United States, "will allow any American to watch where the money goes and weigh in with comments and questions." It will be very interesting to see what that website reveals, and what it conceals. Meanwhile, the 1073-page document that was just rushed through Congress wasn't even read by those who voted for it--or by anyone else, really. Unprecedented transparency? Unprecedented chutzpah is more like it. As The Wall Street Journal noted yesterday, "Only this Tuesday the House unanimously approved a resolution promising 48-hour public notice before holding a roll call. Even better, the bill could have been posted on the Internet, as candidate Barack Obama suggested during the campaign. Let voters see what they're getting for all this money." Was it? "Not a chance."

The current President of the United States is correct that "Ultimately, this is your money, and you deserve to know where it's going and how it's spent," but I'd wager you won't find this administration treating it as your money or telling you where it went.