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What if there's code in your future

A weekend that started expectantly for liberals was dampened by the realization that the standoff may start all over again in 3 weeks.  Donald Trump agreed to temporarily fund the closed parts of the federal government without a guarantee of border wall funding from House speaker Nancy Pelosi . "The stopgap spending bill President Trump signed into law on Friday night gives leaders in both chambers until Feb. 15 to devise a bipartisan resolution to their impasse over the president’s demand for $5.7 billion for a border wall."

But some were indignant at Trump's unwillingness to surrender unconditionally. "Progressives especially are feeling emboldened and do not like the idea that Mr. Trump is once again tying the debate over border security to a threat to shut down the government." Having taken the crest of the hill they were horrified to discover a reverse slope position.  They were in negotiations all over again.  It was a reminder that in political trench warfare and there will be no quick knockout blows, just defense in depth and attack and counterattack.

Democrats have moved closer to Mr. Trump’s $5.7 billion price tag. Representative James E. Clyburn of South Carolina, the No. 3 House Democrat, told reporters this past week that lawmakers in his party were prepared to spend that much on a border security package that would include what he called a “smart wall,” featuring drones, sensors and more Border Patrol agents." ...

“I think it’s offensive, even to some of the centrists and moderates, that he links his program on immigration with the functioning of government,” said Representative Ro Khanna of California, a leader of the House Progressive Caucus. “The vast majority, not just the progressives, will say not a dime goes for the border wall. And that’s especially true because we just won this fight.”

As if to underscore the long-term nature of the struggle the media industry was hit by another wave of layoffs.  The phrase "learning how to code" has become the most offensive phrase of 2019 because it means that everyone has to take lumps.  There is no monotonically good political news for either side.  As one Tweet noted 'coding' has become a jibe for everyone.

In the past, when blue collar workers suffered layoffs, bloggers and journalists would write articles telling them to "learn how to code". Now that bloggers and journalists are being laid off, they are getting mad at people telling them to "learn how to code".

"We just won this fight" ain't what it used to be.  'Learn to code' is especially ironic because the developers of Google and Facebook --not Trump -- bankrupted the newspapers.  The fall in newspaper ad revenue was snatched up by an increase in social media advertisement. "The amount of money spent on advertising on social media is set to catch up with newspaper ad revenues by 2020 ... the rapid expansion of social media platforms on mobile devices, as well as faster internet connectivity and more sophisticated technology, has triggered a huge shift in the way many people get their news."